Our Own Local Orthotics Lab: Custom and Convenient!

Custom orthotics are an effective treatment for a wide variety of foot issues, from flat feet to heel pain and more. However, once it’s determined you could benefit from these devices, and your unique measurements and needs are established, this information must be sent out to a professional orthotics lab where the devices are then created according to your individual specifications. Once made, the orthotic inserts must then be sent back to the podiatrist office – all of which typically takes quite some time -- unless, of course the orthotics lab is local, like ours!

Effective and Efficient

At Podiatry Associates, Inc., we have our own custom orthotics lab located nearby, so we can efficiently – and expertly -- deliver the effective treatment you need for foot, knee, hip, and back pain!

Our podiatrists specialize in sports medicine and biomechanics, so they know exactly what to prescribe for the design of your custom orthotics. We use state-of-the-art technology to take a 3D image of your unique feet, which, along with your prescription, we send over to our own professional lab in just minutes. There, our certified pedorthist custom makes your orthotics from medical-grade polypropylene or EVA on our 5-axis CAD/CAM milling machine. This process allows us to provide you with custom orthotic inserts in approximately 7 to 10 business days, with any necessary fine-tuning adjustments made in just a couple of days. That’s a much faster turnaround than when working with a third-party laboratory, which means we can relieve your pain and other symptoms and get you back to your normal activities much faster than other podiatrists can!

Convenient and Accommodating

Our custom orthotics not only accommodate your specific needs, but our custom orthotics lab accommodates your specific situations! If your orthotics are worn out and ready to be replaced, for instance, we can simply scan the devices themselves to make a new pair in our lab and you’ll get them even faster! In addition, if, for some reason, you are unable to get to our office, we can send you a foam box designed for orthotic impressions along with instructions on how to push each foot into the foam making your own molds. Send these back to us, and we will use our 3D scanner to scan your foot impressions, then design your custom orthotics at our lab with the same methodology as if your feet were scanned in our office.

Not Just Custom-Made for Your Feet, but Also for Your Shoes!

Sport shoes can use custom orthotics

At our local custom orthotics lab, we not only are conscious of making devices to help alleviate your foot pain, but also realize you wear different types of shoes. Not to worry. In addition to designing your orthotics to fit your feet, we can also make them to fit into a wide variety of footwear – from athletic to dressy high heels to kids’ shoes.

Sport orthotics are made to fit into athletic shoes, walking shoes, work boots, hiking boots – usually any shoe or boot that you can remove the original insole and put in your new full length custom orthotic.

Dress shoes can use custom orthotics!Dress orthotics are made to fit into dress shoes, such as men’s loafers and women’s pumps or flats.  These are usually made ¾ length so you can easily move them from shoe to shoe. For those high heels you wear only on occasion (hint, hint), we recommend that you bring the pair to us so we can design custom orthotics with the proper pitch for ideal fit and comfort.

Bonus: we are also one of the few labs that can make dress orthotics for Dansko clogs – both for men and women!

Kids can use custom orthotics!We can even make custom orthotics for kids! These typically feature a heel cup that sits up high for optimum support for your child’s growing feet.

Added Value for You

Because we own and operate our own custom orthotics lab, we are able to design, create, and deliver custom orthotics efficiently and conveniently – a valuable asset that saves you time, hassle, and living in pain longer than you should!

Custom orthotics may cost more than over-the-counter shoe inserts, but their abilities to address your specific needs, fit into your different shoes, and last up to 10 times longer, makes the investment well worth while -- even more so considering we can make them for you locally, quickly and conveniently. Custom orthotics are covered by your health savings account, too, and may even be covered by your insurance. Private insurances, supplements to Medicare, and Medicaid sometimes provide orthotic coverage depending on your company’s insurance elections and your specific diagnosis codes determined by your podiatrist in your patient visits.

Our billing specialists can assist you by calling your insurance company to check your benefits as well as your overall deductible and durable medical equipment (DME) deductible if you have one. It is important to note that while you may have orthotic coverage, if you have not yet met your deductibles, you may still have a financial responsibility.

Find out more about custom orthotics made in our own local orthotics lab by calling (303) 805-5156. We can design and deliver a pair to you so you can feel better fast!