Foot and Ankle Surgery to Treat All Conditions

Sick of living with foot pain day after day? Tired of looking at unsightly deformities on your feet? Has the thought of needing surgery prevented you from feeling and looking your best?

You’re not alone.

If you’re like many people, foot surgery is a last resort. Now, the complication, deformity, or condition you’ve lived with has gotten worse and it hurts to move or do something as simple as putting on your shoes in the morning.  The first step toward finding a resolution for the limited mobility and pain you’ve dealt with for so long is to have the source of your pain diagnosed.

Foot and Ankle Surgery in Castle PinesSchedule an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon to talk about how you can stop living in pain and discomfort!

Here are some of the procedures we are proud to offer:

Bunion Surgery

Bunions are painful misalignments in your big toe. If your bunion has caused you pain, discomfort, or embarrassment, treating it surgically can help you feel and look better. There are a number of surgeries that can be done to give you relief. We’ll determine the right procedure for your bunion so that you can get back on your feet fast.

Cosmetic Surgery

Are you afraid to show your feet? Having a deformity can be embarrassing. Regain your confidence and be proud to display your feet with a cosmetic foot surgery by one of our skilled foot and ankle surgeons.

Pediatric Foot Surgery

Your child’s body is still growing. Treating deformities or impediments early is critical to help your child’s feet develop properly. When your child needs foot surgery to overcome foot and ankle complications during his or her developmental years, we can help.

Crossed feetFlatfoot Reconstruction

Your foot should have a natural arch. Without this natural arch, you risk a number of complications. Your mobility may be reduced, and walking may become painful. Let us help with flatfoot reconstructive surgery.


Has an arthritic condition made walking and moving your feet painful? A fusion surgery may be the solution you’ve been looking for. By removing the cartilage from the joints and joining your bones together, our surgeons can help put a stop to the pain you endure day after day.

Complex Foot and Ankle Surgeries

Feet and ankles are complex structures. Many times, they require in-depth analysis and planning to help you get the best possible outcome after your surgery. Whether you’ve been injured, have damage in your feet from diabetes, or if you have a complex deformity, our team of skilled foot and ankle surgeons knows what it takes to give you relief from complex foot and ankle problems.

Your feet are your foundation to walk, stand, run, jump, and more. When something is wrong and you require surgery, don’t trust your feet to just anyone. Our reputable podiatry surgeons at Podiatry Associates in Castle Pines, Cherry Creek, Parker, and Aurora are ready to give you the care and treatment your body deserves so that you can get your life back and feel better fast!

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