MLS Laser Therapy to Aid Your Physical Therapy

Think about the last time your back or neck hurt. Those kinds of aches and pains can make it difficult to move around, or even complete daily tasks. Sharp knee, hip, or shoulder pain isn’t any better. When something hurts, it can interrupt your whole day. Living in pain isn’t normal; fortunately, there are ways you can treat it using noninvasive physical therapy. The MLS laser for pain is one of the new therapy technologies that can offer you real relief.

MLS Laser TherapyThe Need for Relief

Muscles and soft tissues get sore with use and injuries—just ask any athlete! Pain isn’t limited to active people, though. You might have a lingering ache from an old injury that’s never really gone away. You might be getting older and feeling the wear and tear of life. Anyone can develop aches and pains throughout the body. You end up with inflammation and swelling that make normal activities uncomfortable for you. This is when our laser treatments can make a real difference.

The Power of Double Waves

The MLS laser for physical therapy is a breakthrough treatment for pain. The Multi-wave Lock System (MLS) uses a unique double wavelength approach to overcome the normal limits of a pain laser. Usually a pain laser works in one of two ways: decreasing inflammation, or blocking the pain. The first type of laser gets to the bottom of the chronic discomfort—inflammation—but has less of an effect on your discomfort. The second type helps block the pain, but doesn’t address the inflammation.

The MLS laser we use has a dual-wave system that applies both wavelengths in a reinforcing and synchronized fashion. This means that the two work together simultaneously to both decrease your inflammation and reduce your pain, making them stronger together and reinforcing the positive effects. This combined anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect allows physical therapists like Dr. Jennifer Molner to treat a wide variety of problems and offer relief to people with acute or chronic pain.

The MLS Laser for Physical Therapy

This easy, FDA-approved treatment can be used for injuries and issues all over the body. Tendon and ligament conditions in your major joints, muscles strains, back and neck problems, and arthritis pain are a few common conditions that benefit from this physical therapy. The dual-wave laser does more than just deal with the discomfort, too. Its anti-inflammatory wavelength improves your vascular activity, accelerating your healing process.

Because the treatment uses low level light beams, it doesn’t generate heat or harm the skin in any way. The beam passes harmlessly into the soft tissues below the skin, stimulating healing there. As a result, there are no known side effects and no risks for you.

You shouldn’t live your life in pain, and you don’t have to. Don’t let chronic or acute injuries control your life. Let Castle Pines Physical Therapy help you get back to the life you want to live. The MLS laser may be exactly what you need. Call our Castle Pines office at (303) 805-5156, or use the web request form to make an appointment with us to see if laser therapy would benefit you.