Looking for a foot and ankle pain relief in the Highlands? Our Colorado Podiatrists can help.

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At Podiatry Associates, P.C., our goal is to provide you with the very best ankle and foot care when you need it most. We understand that pain is not convenient, and it definitely doesn’t wait for a good time to strike. You shouldn’t have to lose mobility, give up your favorite activities, or suffer daily because of your feet. Your lower limbs are meant to last a lifetime. Dealing with an injury or chronic discomfort that won’t go away? Our Highlands office in Denver is equipped with everything you need to help keep your lower limbs healthy for life.

Our Location

Podiatry Associates at Highlands
2727 Bryant Street
Suite 400
Denver, CO 80211

Phone: (303) 805-5156

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Toll Free: (855) 371-9682

Our office is a Scent-Free location to accommodate severe allergies. Thank you in advance for being sensitive to this.

Office Hours

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Accepted Insurance Partners

We partner with most major insurance companies, including AARP Health Care Options, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Denver Health Medical Plan, Humana, Medicare, and United Health Care, just to name a few. We do encourage you to check with our office in Denver before your appointment to confirm whether or not we accept your insurance if you’re not sure. When you come to your appointment, please bring all your insurance cards and a photo ID so we can properly bill your provider when it applies.

Don’t Wait to Care for Your Feet

Foot pain is not normal. It shouldn’t be something you accept or ignore. Unfortunately, too many people wait far too long to get help for their lower limbs and allow small problems to deteriorate into something worse. Don’t take your feet for granted. If you’re in the Denver area and suffering with foot pain in any way, we can help you. Drop by our Highlands office in Denver, use our online request form, or call us at (303) 805-5156 to make your appointment today.