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  • VA MISSION Act: Giving Veterans Access to Quality Podiatric Care Earlier this year, the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) announced the passage of the VA MISSION Act, important legislation supporting U.S. veterans’ access to healthcare.
  • Go Team! Cheerleaders are Elite Athletes Cheerleading has come a long way since 1898, when school spirit found its voice at a University of Minnesota football game. It was a men-only activity back then. Women weren’t allowed to cheer on their team in an official capacity until 1923.
  • Sizzling Summer Feet Summer is around the corner; it’s time to switch out the heavy, warm boots and loafers of winter with the bright, open-toed dress shoes, wedges and platform sandals, sports shoes and – of course – flip flops, of the new season.
  • THE REAL DENVER BOOT Betcha you’ve heard of the infamous Denver Boot—the clamp that is anchored around the wheel of a car preventing it from being moved. All it takes to get a boot is 3 or more unpaid tickets (or other citations).
  • SHOCKING NEW ALTERNATIVE TO SURGERY Medical breakthroughs keep hope alive in patients worldwide who suffer from annoying to life-threatening conditions and disease. Shocking? Well, in this case, yes.
  • OLYMPIC LEGEND CAUTIONS NOT TO OVER-TRAIN Richard “Dick” Button is 88 years old. He’s a living skating legend. A two-time Olympic champion (1948, 1952), five-time world champion (1948-52), the first man to land a triple jump (a loop) and a double axel, Button invented the flying camel.
  • TEBOW TENTATIVE DUE TO SPRAIN Opening Day for the Colorado Rockies at Coors Field is set for Apr 6, 2018. 2:10 PM. Former NFL Quarterback for the Denver Broncos-turned-pro-baseball player Tim Tebow is playing with a taped ankle and taking it one day at a time since spraining his left ankle tripping over an outfield sprinkler head in March.
  • That Sprained Ankle May Be Worse Than You Think Sprained ankles are an injury that you shouldn’t ignore. Take the case of a guy who is a marketing professional by day, very amateur hockey player in the evening.
  • IT’S OFFICIAL: PREGNANCY CAN INCREASE FOOT SIZE Since the dawn of mankind women have gotten pregnant. But it took until 2013 for an official medical study to pronounce that pregnancy can permanently change the size of a woman's feet.
  • MARCH MADNESS GONE TOO SOON NBA star Gordon Hayward fractured his leg and snapped his left ankle just five minutes into the first game of the season first quarter in Q4 2017.