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Looking for more information about your foot and ankle troubles? Look through this helpful blog by our foot and ankle doctors. We provide tips and information that may be able to help you.

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  • Fall is Football Time! The local pools are boarded up; summer is officially over. Football fans are flying their banners and donning team jerseys. Whether you’re crazy for the Broncos or your favorite college, or cheer for your son’s high school team, you’re looking forward to the new football season.
  • Winter Can be a Minefield for Seniors Anyone can get injured on ice and snow. The risk of suffering a fall in colder weather increases after age 65, and more so after age 75. Nationally, hospitals report up to a 500 percent increase in Emergency Room visits during winter months; most are due to slip and fall accidents.
  • Don’t Delay: Treat Foot and Ankle Injuries People come up with all kinds of excuses for avoiding a trip to the doctor. Athletes are used to pushing through the pain; they may not even know they’ve sustained an injury.
  • Listen to Your Feet Feet are complicated: 28 bones, all subject to stress fractures, some that can cripple us if left unattended, others so small we may not notice there’s a problem until it has become activity limiting.
  • Don’t Delay: Treat Foot and Ankle Injuries The human foot and ankle support all of our weight. We expect them to take the wear and tear of being stuffed into our workday footwear, running errands, walking the dogs, and pushing through our daily workout.
  • How To Comeback After a Foot Injury (And claim it a comeback for years) When you have a serious injury, coming back is also going to have a lot to do with how you respond to it.
  • Overtraining and Undertraining: Equally Bad If you’re an athlete, you have to hit the right training balance. Dr. O explains why both over and undertraining are so bad for you.
  • Properly Fitting Ski Boots to Prevent Injury Ski boots have to fit properly to protect your feet and lower legs. Dr. O in Cherry Creek, CO, describes how you can test your boot fit.
  • How to Stay Fit and Exercise with Stress Fractures Stress fractures definitely force you to slow down and ease up on your exercising. Dr. O in Castle Pines, CO, explains how you can still stay fit.
  • Exercises to Improve Your Ankle Strength after Surgery Athletes like cheerleaders can hurt themselves and require ankle surgery. Dr. O in Parker, CO, describes exercises to build joint strength after surgery.