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  • Can compression socks help with diabetes?

    Compression socks can help with poor circulationCompression socks can be a great help for diabetes. In fact, they can do a lot for your lower limbs, depending on the sock type and on your needs. Diabetes damages your blood vessels, leading to circulation trouble—which can spawn a whole host of other problems. The compression in diabetic socks helps improve your circulation by supporting the veins and allowing their valves to function properly. This also prevents blood from pooling in your lower limbs. This way they discourage edema, or swelling, that you may develop.

    There are different degrees and types of compression socks, each designed to work slightly differently in your lower limbs. Socks that are too loose won’t help enough. Socks that are too tight could cut off your circulation and make things worse. The key to getting the right pair is having your feet and ankles carefully examined before deciding on anything. Our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. will help you determine whether or not you’d benefit from this type of hosiery, and which kind is best for you. Use our online forms to reach us. You can also call (303) 805-5156 to make an appointment with one of our foot doctors in Castle Pines, Parker, or Denver, CO.