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Looking for more information about your physical therapy troubles? Look through this helpful blog by physical therapists. We provide tips and information that may be able to help you.

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  • Warm Weather Worries Serious athletes and amateurs of every age will be more vulnerable to injuries until they get re-acclimated to their favorite fair-weather sports.
  • SURGERY NUMBERS ARE UP; PHYSICAL THERAPY TOO In its recently released Surgery 2015-2017 Final Report, the National Quality Forum, an authority on improvement of the overall health of Americans, confirmed what most people already guessed: the number of surgeries continues to increase annually.
  • PT Tips for Returning to Activity Podiatry Associates, P.C. shares physical therapy tips to help you return to your activities safely and avoid recurrence of injury.
  • How Dry Needling Works Podiatry Associates, P.C. explains how dry needling works, and why you could benefit from this physical therapy technique.
  • Consistency is Key with Physical Therapy When recuperating, it’s important to keep up with physical therapy exercises for proper healing and quicker recovery. Dr. O explains.
  • Foot Pain And Your Back Dr. O explains how foot pain relates to your back and spine and why it’s important to determine the problem so it can be treated.
  • Shoulder Stretches to Combat Pain Stiff shoulders are a common complaint in today’s world, but stretches can help. Dr. Jennifer Molner, DPT discusses shoulder exercises.
  • Improve Performances By Cross-Training Cross-training is simple but has far-reaching consequences for athletes. Dr. O in Castle Pines, CO, explains how it can help improve performance.
  • Benefits of Yoga: Health in Body and Mind Yoga is a great form of exercise, with wide-ranging, positive effects for the whole body. Physical therapist Dr. Jennifer Molner explains some benefits.
  • The Key to Concussion Recovery Concussions are serious, and your body can’t handle jumping back into your activities. Dr. Jennifer Molner explains why you have to take your time.