Get the Information You Need About Your Foot and Ankle Concerns From Castle Pines, Cherry Creek, Parker, and Aurora Podiatrist Dr. O

Looking for more information about your foot and ankle troubles? Look through this helpful blog by our foot and ankle doctors. We provide tips and information that may be able to help you.

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  • How to Treat a Detached Toenail It can be unnerving to have your toenail detach and start to fall off. Dr. O in Cherry Creek, CO, explains how you can take care of this toe injury.
  • Remedies at Home For Feet Allergies Itchy feet are not a welcome guest in the holidays. Dr. O in Parker, CO, describes home remedies to give yourself the gift of happy feet.
  • What's Making Your Toenails Turn Black Nails aren’t supposed to change colors. Dr. O in Cherry Creek discusses why your toenails might have turned black, and when you should seek care.
  • How to Prevent Toenail Fungus Dr. O of Podiatry Associates, PC. in Parker, Cherry Creek, and Castle Pines, CO knows how you can prevent fungal nails and shares prevention tips with you.
  • The Difference Between Corns and Calluses Got a dried-out patch on your foot? It could be a corn or a callus, but do you know which? Dr. O in Parker, CO, discusses their differences.
  • Prevent Dry Skin on Your Feet You don’t want feet as dry as a mummy’s! Dr. O in Parker, CO, discusses how to treat your skin this Halloween so it doesn’t dry out.
  • How to Find a Sanitary Nail Salon Don’t want to risk foot infections or other health issues at your nail salon? Follow these tips to ensure you go to a safe salon