What is skier’s toe?

Skier's toe is a treatable injurySkier’s toe is a very common nail injury. Repetitive pressure and trauma to a nail from your ski boots causes it to turn black. This is because the injury creates slight bleeding in the nail bed. The blood leaks to the underside of your toenail, where it stains the hard keratin a dark color. This looks unsightly, but it isn’t usually a problem unless the blood pools. Pooled blood can put pressure on your digit and be quite uncomfortable.

Normally black toenails from ski boots develop when your boots do not fit correctly. Either they are too small and pinch the ends of your toes, or they are too big and allow your feet to slide forward and bang against the inside of the boots. The discoloration only goes away when the stained keratin has had a chance to fully grow out. If your toe is painful, however, you may need to have the pressure under your nail relieved. Let our teams in Cherry Creek, Castle Pines, and Parker, CO, help you take care of your digits in every season. Make an appointment online, or by calling us at (303) 805-5156.