How do you perform first aid on a burn?

Fire safety and foot burnsA foot burn—or any type of burn on your skin—needs immediate first aid to alleviate the inflammation and limit the damage. The more quickly you begin treatment, the faster your skin can begin the healing process and the less likely you’ll suffer an infection. For minor to medium burns, hold the affected area under cool, but not cold, running water to alleviate the burning sensation. If you notice your skin beginning to blister, avoid popping the little bubbles. Gently apply aloe or some other cooling, moisturizing ointments to your skin. Use a non-stick gauze bandage to cover the damage, so nothing gets stuck.

If your burn is serious, however, first aid will not be enough. Make sure you are safe and not in additional danger of further burns. Then immediately call for medical assistance. Cover the area with a cool, moist cloth or bandage and elevate it. Do not immerse the burn in water. Experts like our podiatry team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. will help treat the damage as soon as we can. Make an appointment at our Parker, Castle Pines, or Cherry Creek locations through our website or by calling (303) 805-5156.