Your Worry-Free Sanitary Nail Salon

Medical PedicureGetting a manicure or pedicure is a relaxing experience. From the foot and calf massage to the heel scrub, you love the way your feet and legs feel after they are treated by a skilled nail technician. With more and more reports of unsanitary conditions at nail salons, many people worry about whether this luxury is worth it, or if they are putting their feet and nails at risk every time they go to the salon.

There are ways to ensure that your nail salon is sanitary. Here are a few things to look for to check if you’re going to a sanitary nail salon.

  • Was your nail file brand new? Under no circumstances should you ever have the same nail file or buffer used on your feet that was used on a previous salon client. You should always request a new nail file for your pedicure. Sanitary salons may also give you that nail file to take home with you. This is a nice gift that can be used later on and a good sign that your feet were treated with fresh supplies.
  • Is the work area clean of clutter and dirt? If the area on your nail technician’s workstation is cluttered or dirty, you can bet that her tools are not clean. Clutter and dirt make prime areas for toenail fungus, germs, and viruses to grow, putting your feet at risk.
  • How long did the footbath have to sterilize between you and the person before you? Footbaths are breeding grounds for germs, fungus, and bacteria. To sterilize your footbath, your salon should scrub down all sides of the footbath and run a sterilization cycle of at least 10 minutes.
  • What type of liquid are the tools sterilized in? Ask what type of liquid is being used to sterilize the tools treating your feet. Sanitary nail salons use anti-fungal and antibacterial products.

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