What did we do well for you?

This place rocks. It's named Podiatry Associates but they also do physical therapy for non-foot related things. I went for lower back pain.

My physical therapist Stephanie is attentive, a great listener, spots out pain and discomfort quickly (there were times when I said, "How did you know that?" Her response: "I'm really good at my job.") and helps adjust form. She's empathetic, encouraging, and just an overall nice vibe to be around. 

The toys aka exercise tools they have are plentiful, clean, and the space is tidy. They also have a great view from their office. 

Receptionists are friendly and warm, too. I admit, I've come late a couple times and they don't guilt trip me or treat me poorly/angrily, which I appreciate since I have enough pain and stress already. 

They sell bands, shoes, socks, and even nail polish. Steph was great about telling me where else to buy other gadgets for reasonable prices.. 

They take United Healthcare and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance.

(February 2019)

Jacqueline L.