Is it safe to exercise with diabetes?

Getting in shape with diabetesNot only is it safe to exercise with diabetes as long as you’re cautious, it’s extremely important to do so. Physical activities are healthy for your body in general. When you have diabetes, exercise can improve your overall health and help you limit the effects of the disease. This is because exercise improves your metabolism, circulation, strength, and weight loss, among other things. All of this helps control your blood sugar levels and slow down effects like neuropathy.

The key to exercising safely is to be aware of your limits, take it slow, and accommodate your needs. You may need to eat snacks at certain times to prevent your blood sugar from dropping too sharply. Warm up carefully before you start an activity, and cool down afterwards. Stay hydrated throughout your exercise time. Wear appropriate footwear to protect your lower limbs. Stop if you’re experiencing pain. Start slowly and work your way up in intensity and endurance.

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