Lindsey Vonn to Undergo Physical Therapy After a Colorado Injury

Posted on Dec 05, 2013

Lindsey Vonn is set to receive physical therapy after an injury in Colorado left her with a mild tear in her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) only weeks prior to the 2014 Olympics.

According to reports, Lindsey Vonn was injured in Colorado on Copper Mountain in a fall during training that left her with a mild tear in her ACL. This injury came only nine months after an injury on the Austrian slopes where she tore her ACL and MCL in her right knee and fractured her tibia.

With the 2014 Olympics just around the corner, Vonn is expected to rest a few days and then go through aggressive physical therapy after her Colorado injury.

If history is any indicator, staying off the slopes may be her best option—something that will be hard with such an important competition only weeks away.

After another of Vonn’s injuries in 2007—which did not require surgery—she had initially planned to return to the slopes only four weeks after getting hurt. She later changed her mind and took more time off the slopes to recover. The reason, according to Vonn, was that her doctor’s warned her that racing again would leave her with a high risk of completely tearing her ACL. This was something Vonn could not afford to do if she wanted to be a contender for the 2014 Olympics.

Now, as Vonn undergoes physical therapy for her Colorado injury, the world waits to hear how well she responds to treatment, and if she will be able to compete again. As physical therapists in Castle Pines, we send our best wishes to Vonn for a positive recovery so that she can participate in the 2014 Olympics.

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