Meniscal Tears: Current Research In Favor of Conservative Management

Physical therapy for kneeHave you experienced a meniscal tear? Have you been worried that surgery is the only way to address it? Recent studies have shown that for some patients conservative management of a meniscal tear will yield the same results, in the long run, as having surgery. Imagine avoiding surgical interventions, and the resulting loss of wages and mobility. Now that I have your attention, read about recent findings that favor conservative treatment.

In May of this past year, the New England Journal of Medicine published a study about patients with meniscal tears.  Some of the patients underwent meniscal surgery while others underwent an arthroscopic examination of their knee and a saline flush.  When re-evaluated one year later, the study showed both groups had shown the same improvement!

In July of this past year, the American Journal of Sports Medicine compared patients whose meniscal tears were treated with physical therapy to those who were treated with surgery.  When re-evaluated two years later, there was found to be no difference in pain or function!

Are you surprised to learn that you could potentially avoid knee surgery? Have you felt resigned to missing work for a long and painful recovery? What's holding you back from learning more about this great alternative?  Conservative care may be the answer you’re looking for, and our team of experts can answer all of your questions. Schedule an appointment at Castle Pines Physical Therapy by calling 303-805-5156 to treat your meniscal tear today!

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