Time Will Tell: How Long Orthotics Last

OrthoticsPeople love to lament that things break down too quickly. In today’s day and age, with technology advancing and updating so rapidly, people are used to replacing many appliances, tech pieces, and home items on a regular basis. Sometimes it can feel like items are just designed to be replaced. The good news is that your custom orthotics are not like this! Well-made orthotics that are fabricated for your unique feet are built to last a while, particularly if you take care of them.

First, keep in mind that the shoe inserts from the pharmacy or the grocery store are not the same thing as prescription orthotics. Over-the-counter, pre-fabricated insoles are general inserts made using average foot sizes and inexpensive materials. For some people, they can be very helpful for managing mild foot soreness or discomfort. The cheaper materials, however, mean the inserts are not built to last. After several months of regular wear and tear, they start to break down and will need to be replaced.

Custom orthotics that are prescribed by a podiatrist are made using special materials. They can either be semi-rigid or relatively soft, depending on your foot care needs. They are crafted to fit your individual foot and biomechanics, too, so they are designed uniquely for you. Because they are made on an individual basis and using more complex, high-quality materials, they are more durable than their prefabricated counterparts.

Ultimately this means your custom orthotics are built to last years, as long as you care for them properly. Heavy wear-and-tear from logging tons of running miles every day may break them down more quickly and shorten their lifespan, but in general, these inserts can go for a while in normal day-to-day wear.

Orthotics are valuable tools that, when crafted correctly, aren’t meant to be replaced at the drop of a hat or on the swing of fashion. You can count on these prescription inserts to last. If you’re struggling with sore feet, or tired of replacing prefabricated insoles every few months, custom orthotics might be for you. Contact Podiatry Associates, P.C. for more information or an appointment to see if custom orthotics could benefit you. You can reach us online or by calling (303) 805-5156.
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