What's the difference between custom and store-bought orthotics?

Learn the difference between custom and store-bought orthoticsCustom orthotics and store-bought or “over-the-counter” inserts are not the same thing. Custom orthotics are special inserts that are prescribed by a physician like our experts at Podiatry Associates, P.C., and designed to fit your unique feet and needs. Through cushioning and support, they help your foot handle stress and function at its best. They are created by analyzing your gait and foot structure, then determining what you need for your lower limbs to work correctly. Because they are designed specifically for you, they can’t be used by other people.

Orthotic inserts that you buy at the pharmacy, grocery store, or anywhere else are prefabricated insoles that are designed with basic foot types in mind, but not for your unique needs. They also offer support and cushioning, but they cannot help correct gait issues and may or may not be what your foot really requires to function at its best. That’s not to say they are never helpful; for people with mild foot pain, they might be just right. Let our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. in Cherry Creek, Castle Pines, and Parker, CO, determine what orthotic you really need. Call (303) 805-5156 or use our website to make an appointment with us today.