Do I have to wear my orthotics all the time?

How often you should wear orthoticsHow often you wear your inserts depends on why you’re wearing them, but in general, your custom orthotics are much more effective when you wear them consistently. Custom orthotics are designed to help support your feet and correct abnormal motion while you are using them. When you remove them, your feet will go back to the way they were. Custom orthotics are kind of like prescription glasses: they are helpful when you use them, and when you don’t, they aren’t able to work.

If you’re new to wearing orthotics, however, your feet may need time to adjust to them. Remember, if you have biomechanical issues, your feet and body have gotten used to this unhealthy way of functioning. Changing what feels “normal” to you may involve an adjustment period, so at first you might only wear your orthotics for a few hours at a time. Our foot doctors at Podiatry Associates, P.C. will help you determine if you need orthotics and how to transition to using them safely. Make an appointment with our foot doctors online or call (303) 805-5156 to reach our offices in Parker, Castle Pines, Aurora or Cherry Creek, CO.