Should I run with orthotics?

Running with orthoticsIf you need orthotics to control biomechanical problems that could lead to injuries when you’re running, then yes, there are benefits to running while wearing them. Your prescription inserts will help you support your lower limbs and absorb hard impacts on the ground. They’ll keep your feet functioning in the way they were meant to, so that you can run without pain.

Just keep in mind that this will affect how you fit and select your running shoes. To be fitted correctly, always bring your custom insoles and slip them into the shoes. Inserts change how your foot fits in a shoe, so you need to know and be able to accommodate that when you buy a new pair.

Also, you won’t need stability or motion control sneakers. The orthotics already function in that way; wearing shoes that control movement, too, can over-control your lower limbs. That may actually prevent your foot from striking and pushing off the ground correctly.

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