Custom Orthotics: Out on the Trails and Out on the Town

When most people think of custom orthotic inserts, they picture them used in athletic shoes and that’s it, but why only give your feet the support they need when you’re exercising? Why not continue the benefits of custom orthotics whether you’re at work or play, on the trails, or on the townYou might not be aware it’s possible, but we can make custom orthotics not only for all types of feet, but for all types of shoes, too! Whether you’re getting dressed up to go to work or out to dinner, putting on sandals, slipping into Dansco's, or pulling on work boots, there are custom orthotics to fit both your shoes and your needs. Many of our patients opt to get one pair of orthotics for athletic activities, and another for professional or dressy wear. That way, no matter what their plans, their feet can stay happy, comfortable, and problem-free.  

running trails with custom orthoticsShoes that work best to accommodate orthotic inserts include those with removable insoles, a snug heel so your foot doesn’t slip, and a wide, deep toe box that doesn’t mind the little extra height sometimes associated with having orthotics insideYou may possibly need a half-size bigger in some styles, which is why, when purchasing any new shoes, you should try them on with your orthotics to make sure you get the right fit.  

If you are thinking about getting custom orthotics to help with your foot pain, consider getting more than one pair so you can use them in the shoes you wear most. That way, if your job requires a lot of time spent on your feet or you’re always getting invited to social functions – or both – we’ve got you covered! We will discuss your options, take into consideration your lifestyle and overall needs, then recommend the custom orthotics that will work best for you 

So, don’t let your running shoes be your only retreat from foot pain -- your feet can feel great in all types of shoes! Call us at (303) 805-5156 to find out more or to make an appointment today. 

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