Castle Pines Physical Therapy is Boston Strong

Boston MarathonDid you know that one of your very own Castle Pine’s physical therapists lived in Boston, MA for 5 years?  Dr. Kristina Calabrese attended Northeastern University in Boston, MA for both her undergraduate and graduate coursework and lived just a short walk from the famous Boston Marathon finish line on Boylston Street.  Attending “Marathon Monday” is a cherished, yearly tradition for all Bostonians, Kristina included.

In 2012, Kristina had the opportunity to volunteer with physical therapists in the medical tent located at the finish line of the Boston Marathon along with many of her physical therapy friends, classmates, and professors.  Though it was a long, busy day, Kristina worked with runners recovering from injuries and illnesses incurred along the 26.2 mile path.  These runners of all different ages and running levels came from all over the country and around the world.  Kristina feels privileged to have experienced the 2012 Boston Marathon in a way that not many people do, to have worked with such a wonderful medical team of physical therapists, doctors, nurses, and athletic trainers, and to have met and worked with so many different people that completed the 2012 Boston Marathon.

Thankfully, Kristina was safe at home in New Hampshire watching the Boston Marathon that following year.  Many of her physical therapy friends, classmates, and professors volunteered again in the 2013 Boston Marathon, and most of them were placed in the main medical tent located at the finish line.  Kristina is grateful that all of those volunteering inside that tent were safe after the tragic bombing that occurred.  She remains extremely proud of each and every one of the volunteers for quickly reacting and adapting, offering help where they could, and for sticking together not just that day but for many, many days afterward through the healing process.

Kristina is looking forward to proudly donning her blue and yellow Monday, April 21, 2014 as she watches the 118th Boston Marathon on TV and supports the runners, volunteers, and spectators of the marathon.  Though she is 2,000 miles away in Denver, her heart will be in Boston that day.

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