How can I avoid pulling hamstrings?

StretchingYour hamstrings can be "pulling" or strained for a variety of reasons including a limitation in hamstring flexibility.  It is important to maintain adequate length of the hamstrings as well as other surrounding muscles such as your glutes, IT bands, and hip flexors.  A physical therapist can instruct you to perform specific stretches to lengthen tight muscles as well as ensure you are stretching properly and maintaining your stretches for an appropriate length of time.

In addition, your hamstrings can be strained due to over-compensation.  You could be over-using your hamstrings because other muscles that are weak. This causes you to put extra stress and strain on that muscle group.  A physical therapist will perform a full evaluation to find out what exactly is causing you to over-compensate with your hamstrings, as well as formulate a stretching and strengthening program that is tailored specifically to you and your body's specific needs.

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