Can wearing high heels cause bunions?

Wearing high heels does not cause bunions. If you don’t have the genetics to develop one, a particular shoe will not cause a bunion. However, if you have a bump on the side of your foot, these shoe styles can really cause it to hurt. They force your feet into an unnatural angle and put more pressure on the big toe joint, aggravating its tendency to move into the wrong position. If you must wear heels, it is best to stick to those that are around two inches high or less.

The same principles apply to boots, by the way. Make sure they have lower heels and plenty of room for your toes, plus room for the socks you will wear with them. If you need help finding shoes or boots that fit, contact Podiatry Associates, P.C. in Castle Pines, Cherry Creek in Denver, and Parker, CO by calling 303-805-5156 today.