What can I do to fix my crooked toes?

Crooked toesBefore you can go about fixing a crooked toe, you must first determine what’s behind its abnormal bend. If your big toe is slanting toward the others and the joint is pushing outward, you have a bunion. If the joints of your toes are jutting upward and forcing the tips down, you likely have claw or hammertoes. All of these conditions can also cause toes to overlap, and all will worsen without treatment. So, to fix crooked toes without having to resort to surgery, you must act fast and be persistent.

  • First, make a switch in footwear to ensure plenty of toe room so as not to accentuate the problem.
  • Use specially-designed pads to protect against added pressure.
  • Slip orthotics into your shoes to redistribute pressure away from the problem area, as well as to provide added cushion.
  • Try taping the crooked toe to its neighbor to hold it in proper position. There are also splints that can be worn to hold toes straight as well.
  • Finally, there are exercises and stretches that can help to strengthen toes and enable them to stay flexible.
If these techniques don’t seem to help, you may need to consider surgical intervention. Procedures will depend upon the reason for your toe’s misalignment, among other factors. To have your crooked toe assessed and make a plan to get it fixed, call for an appointment by dialing (303) 805-5156.