What is a hammertoe?

How you get a hammertoeA hammertoe is a common, minor toe deformity that affects one of your small digits. The middle joint of a small toe gets stuck in a cramped, bent position, so your digit looks somewhat like a hammer. This happens because of an imbalance between the muscles and tendons that keep your toe straight. One of the connectors tightens or shortens, keeping the joint stuck in a bent position. Often this happens because tight, poorly fitting shoes either cramp your digits or put pressure on your forefoot and strain the tendons attached to your toes. Other problems like arthritis, injuries, and even bunion deformities can contribute to this condition.

As a result of the bent joint, wearing certain shoes may be painful for you. You’re more likely to develop calluses and have toe pain. Normally hammertoes are simple to treat using non-invasive, conservative methods. If those methods fail, however, a simple hammertoe surgery can correct the problem at the source and eliminate your pain. Let Podiatry Associates, P.C. help you take care of any toe troubles today. Just use our website or call (303) 805-5156 to contact our offices in Castle Pines, Denver, Aurora and Parker, CO.