How can I keep my bunion from hurting?


Painful bunionThe bulging boney protrusion of a bunion can certainly get in the way of walking and simply wearing shoes, much less enjoying your favorite activities. When bunion pain interferes with your daily life, try these tips to ease discomfort:
  • Make sure your shoes offer plenty of room for your toes. A wide and deep toe box is best.
  • Use moleskin or gel pads for a protective layer against your shoe to cut down on friction and pressure.
  • Slip orthotics in your shoes to help redistribute pressure away from the area.
  • Use splints to keep your toe in correct alignment.
  • Try stretches or sign up for a yoga class to ease your bunion pain away.
  • Avoid participating in high-impact activities too often. Break them up with less stress-provoking options like biking and swimming.
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