Physical Therapy: Short Cut on the Road to Recovery

Physical TherapyThere are a lot of hiking trails in Colorado, so if you head out, you best take a map. Otherwise, you could easily make a wrong turn and be out there much longer than you intended! Getting back to your old self after an injury or surgery is kind of like that – the road to recovery can be long, and sometimes longer than you’d like, especially if you don’t follow the right course and include physical therapy (PT).

Choosing to skip this important step will only prolong your rehabilitation. Instead, think of physical therapy as a short cut on that long road to recovery of yours! Stretches and exercises customized to meet your needs will restore strength, range of motion, flexibility, and function, speeding up recovery time and getting you back to where you started before you got hurt or had a procedure, all much faster than without PT.

Just as there are many trails to take, there are a variety of physical therapy treatment methods from which to choose -- from orthopedic and manual manipulation to dry needling, laser therapy, and others. Depending upon your specific situation, we can help you determine which PT treatment -- or combination of treatments -- is right for you, so you can enjoy a speedy recovery.

If you are recuperating after an injury or surgery, contact us to schedule physical therapy sessions soon. Just dial (303) 805-5156 or use our online contact form to get started, and you’ll find your way out of the woods sooner than you think! The road to recovery doesn’t have to be long – physical therapy can make sure of that.
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