What’s the difference between a bunion and a bunionette?

A bunion and bunionette are very similar, but they have one key difference: they develop on opposite sides of your foot. A bunion is an enlarged bump at the base of your big toe, where the digit meets the ball of your foot. A bunionette is a swollen bump on the outside of your foot at the base of your smallest toe. Also called a tailor’s bunion, this is an issue with the fifth metatarsal bone tilting away from its neighbors while the little toe tilts toward the other digits, causing the joint to bulge outward—just like a bunion, but on the outside of the foot. Pressure on the bump inflames and irritates it, creating swelling and pain. This can make it uncomfortable to wear certain shoes.

Although bunions and bunionettes are not the same, they are very similar and develop for similar reasons. The best way to take care of either condition is to address it before it gets worse. Our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. will help you eliminate the pain and prevent the problem from deteriorating. Contact our offices in Parker, Castle Pines, Aurora and Cherry Creek, CO for more information or an appointment by calling (303) 805-5156.