Dry Needling Does Your Muscles Good

Physical therapy is typically needed to bounce back from an injury or surgical procedure, but beyond recovery, it can also be beneficial in relieving muscle tension or pain that is interfering with activities you enjoy. Dry needling is a type of physical therapy technique that helps with such muscle aches and pains that often occur in your everyday life. This scientifically-backed approach is an innovative treatment method our specialists can perform right on-site to help you get back to feeling good when doing the things you love.

It’s NOT Acupuncture!

Often confused with acupuncture, this procedure does use similar thin needles, however, acupuncture is based upon energy flow in your body, while dry needling is based around muscle groups and their functions. Acupuncture needles are placed along “pathways” of energy. Dry needling differs in that needles are strategically placed to stimulate soft tissue repair in order to regain unrestricted motion. Here’s how it works:

Dry needling for injuriesTargeting Trigger Points

Thin, filiform needles are carefully inserted under the skin targeting the trigger points of the muscle groups and soft tissues causing you discomfort. When these specific spots are stimulated, it relaxes the targeted band of muscles, increasing blood flow, and encouraging your body’s natural healing process to activate. Pain and tension in the muscle group is alleviated, and range of motion and function is restored. You might find the process slightly uncomfortable, but the end result provides a return of long-term comfort and mobility.

Tight and Sore No More!

Dry needling is typically considered as a treatment option when tense muscles groups are impairing movement, especially in the arms, legs, shoulders, back, and neck. It can help with a variety of issues involving sore, tight muscles, as well as overuse problems affecting muscles and surrounding tissues like shin splints or heel pain from plantar fasciitis. Runners and those with lower back, knee, or hip pain can benefit as well, and other conditions like carpal tunnel, joint dysfunctions, tension migraines, tendonitis, night cramps, and a few less common disorders, have also been treated with dry needling successfully.

Deciding if Dry Needling is Right for You

Dry needling is usually done as a supplementary treatment in conjunction with other techniques to relieve your muscle tension or pain. If you are struggling with chronic strained, tense, or sore muscles that are inhibiting your daily activities, fitness routine, or involvement in sports, our physical therapists at Castle Pines Physical Therapy and Cherry Creek Physical Therapy will be happy to help you decide if dry needling is a good option for you. Call (303) 805-5156 to set up a consultation or to find out more, and get back to your everyday life without your muscles getting in the way!

Muscle aches and pains happen, but they shouldn’t happen all the time and never go away! Don’t just live with constant tension or pain. Get the help you need by giving us a call today. You can also contact us with questions or schedule an appointment by using our online contact form.