Easily Avoid These Common Ingrown Toenail Causes

Healthy toenailsAs the spookiest night of the year approaches, people everywhere are preparing their creepiest decorations and their coolest costumes. It’s a fun time to go out and enjoy haunted houses and other startling activities. Some foot problems, like ingrown toenails, can be almost as frightening with all the pain they cause. If you’re not a fan of being frightened, though, there are ways you can avoid getting tricked instead of treated this Halloween. Similarly, you can avoid unsightly ingrown toenails, too—and it’s easier than you might think.

Most ingrown toenails have preventable causes. While some people are more prone to them because of the natural shape of their toes or the way the hard keratin grows, most people find that other forces contribute to the problem. Understanding what can cause ingrown toenails can help you avoid them, preventing the problem and keeping your feet comfortable.

Here are the most common ingrown nail causes:

  • Poorly-Fitted Shoes – Narrow, pointed, too-tight shoes squeeze your digits, pinching your nails. This can force them to curve or curl into your skin.
  • Trimming Nails Wrong – Nails that are either too short or too long run the risk of curving into the sides, rather than growing straight forward.
  • Injuring Your Toe – Stubbing your toe or injuring the nail in any way can change how the hard keratin grows, as well as pinch the nail into your digit.
  • Untreated Infections – Some conditions, particularly fungal infections, can affect how a nail grows and distort the keratin, making it more likely to grow in.
By taking care of these problems right away—wearing proper shoes, taking care of your nails, immediately addressing problems—you can go a long way in avoiding the pain of an ingrown nail. If you do develop an issue, though, don’t wait to address it. Let the Podiatry Associates, P.C. team in Cherry Creek in Denver, Castle Pines, and Parker, CO, help you. Just use the website to contact us. You can also call (303) 805-5156 to make an appointment. 
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