Taking Neuropathy for Granted Can Be Dangerous

Winter Activities and NeuropathyDuring winter in Colorado, the snow-covered trails and slopes can easily be taken for granted. After all, we can take advantage of snowshoeing, ice-skating, cross-country and downhill skiing, and winter vistas pretty much whenever we want! However, if you are struggling with neuropathy, that is something you should not take for granted. The condition can have serious consequences.

Left untreated, this condition will only get worse, ending in serious complications and permanent damage. Show your feet some appreciation by knowing the warning signs. A shooting or stabbing pain, burning or tingling sensations, muscle weakness, and numbness are all indicators of nerve damage.

This condition is often associated with diabetes and can lead to dangerous outcomes. When nerves are damaged, you may not feel an injury or extreme temperatures, such as those in the mountains this time of year. The frost bite or wound can go unnoticed, providing a greater chance for infection. Prompt treatment at the onset is key to controlling and managing the nerve damage as well as avoiding future problems.

One of the best ways of testing for this condition to ensure early detection is the cutting edge technology called SmartSKAN. This revolutionary technique assesses the small, autonomic nerves in your body by using a low DC current to stimulate chloride ions in your sweat glands. This allows us to measure your electrical skin conductance and determine the occurrence of neuropathy before any clinical symptoms even become apparent. Those susceptible should be tested to catch the problem early. Risk factors include a family history of nerve issues, alcohol abuse, vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, auto immune diseases, and exposure to toxins.

If you are concerned that you may have neuropathy, don’t put it off another day. Call Podiatry Associates, P.C. for help. You can contact Dr. Cynthia Oberholtzer-Classen and the team by dialing (303) 805-5156, or by visiting one of our offices in Parker or Castle Pines, CO. We serve all of Denver’s metro area, including Aurora and Centennial. Ask us about SmartSKAN and how you can avoid the slippery slope of nerve damage.

Photo credit: aatlas via pixabay.com

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