Stop Athlete’s Foot in Its Tracks

Nobody likes an invasion. The word “invasion” implies not just something unwelcome entering your space, but taking over or overrunning it. This isn’t exclusive to militaries or Martians—you can have invasions of weeds, bugs, rodents, neighbors, tourists, and any other group that takes over your space. You could even call athlete’s foot an invasion on your feet as the fungus grows and spreads. Fortunately, foot fungus is one invasion you can do something about. You can treat athlete’s foot and stop the fungal infection right in its tracks.

Athlete’s foot is caused by a type of microscopic fungus that grows in warm and damp environments. It spreads on contact and is fairly contagious, so wherever it starts on your feet, it can easily spread to other areas. The longer it’s allowed to advance and progress, the harder it is to beat it back. Jumping to the defense of your feet quickly can help you treat an infection and prevent reoccurrences easily.

Here are a few ways to take care of athlete’s foot:

  1. Wash Your Feet Every Day – Keep your feet clean of grime and old sweat. Wash them daily, then pat them dry with a clean towel.
  2. Apply Anti-Fungal Medication – Whether you already have athlete’s foot or are looking to prevent it, anti-fungal medication kills the pathogen on your skin. Apply it to clean feet.
  3. Wear Clean Socks – Wear clean, uncontaminated, moisture-wicking socks every day. This helps you keep the infection from spreading and reduces sweat on your skin.
  4. Choose Fresh Shoes – Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes every day, so each pair has time to dry between uses and is less hospitable to fungus.
  5. Keep Feet Dry – Avoid footwear that encourages sweaty feet. Instead, take steps to reduce foot perspiration (and thus fungus-friendly environments).
  6. Protect Feet in High-Risk Places – Never walk barefoot in warm, damp places where fungus spreads easily, like pool decks and locker rooms. Wear shower shoes instead.

The sooner you treat athlete’s foot and work to prevent it, the sooner you can stop the fungal invasion in its tracks and get your feet back to their normal, healthy selves. Our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. in Parker and Castle Pines, CO, is happy to help. Call our offices at (303) 805-5156 to make an appointment with us today.

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