How can physical therapy help with my bunion?

BunionsBunions typically develop secondary to both genetic and mechanical problems. Bunions are more likely to develop in feet with low arches, lax ligaments, and little support. Though a physical therapist cannot structurally change your foot type, they can help with how your foot and walking mechanics affect your toe. Your physical therapist will provide you with stretches and exercises to balance your muscles, correct your motion, and normalize how force is distributed through your foot. A physical therapist can also help decrease pain and inflammation present at the toe as well as make footwear and orthotic recommendations.

Over time and without treatment, bunion pain will only worsen. Don’t allow this deformity to impact each step that you take. Help is available at Castle Pines and Cherry Creek Physical Therapy. Our team will help you get back to your normal routine through effective, conservative treatments. Don’t wait! Call 303-805-5156 today to schedule a visit.