Looking for Great Winter Boots

Winter bootsIf you plan to avoid cold, wet, frozen feet every time you step outside in winter, you need winter boots. In a state like Colorado, these are not seasonal accessories or a simple fashion statement. These are a necessary tool designed to keep your feet safe and protected. For that reason, there are more factors to consider when you choose a pair of boots than when you’re looking for ordinary shoes. Fortunately, finding and fitting winter boots doesn’t have to be a chore if you know what you’re looking for beforehand.

Like shoes, winter boots have different purposes in mind when they are designed. Some are made for places that get very little snow, or are meant to be worn in a city. Others are heavy-duty and built for extreme temperatures and lots of outdoor activity. Before you pick a pair, recognize why you need your winter boots. Are they just to wear between your front door and your car? Or will you be snowshoeing trails and going ice fishing?

From there you can begin the search for the right footwear. Here are a few things to consider when you’re finding and fitting winter boots:

  • Check the lining – Fluffy or furry linings squish down over time, loosening the fit and making them less useful. Synthetic liners you can remove are best for day-to-day use, and built-in ones for a tighter fit are great for heavy activities.
  • Examine the soles – Stick to soles with wide, rubber bases and good tread.
  • Decide on laces – Laces keep boots tight to your foot for active use, but simple slip-ons with high ankles may be all you need around town.
  • Stick to waterproof – Make sure your boots are waterproof to keep snow and water out and your feet warm.
Remember to wear winter socks when you try on your boots. If you’re planning on enjoying outdoor winter sports, you may need to consider other factors as well, such as if you’ll be sitting or moving around most of the time. If you’re having trouble finding the right boots, or you’re still struggling with unusually cold feet in winter, let our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. know. We’ll help you take care of your lower limbs in every kind of weather. Call (303) 805-5156 to make an appointment at our Parker, Cherry Creek, or Castle Pines, CO, offices. You can also use our online contact forms to reach us.
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