Cleaning Up Your Nails at Home

Trimming your nailsIn Colorado, the winter cold and need for heavy boots lasts longer than in other places. For some states, early spring is a time to pack away the winter gear and embrace the warming weather. Around Denver, you may still see snow accumulating. Since it takes spring a little longer to reach us, many people don’t pay attention to their feet and toenails locked away in their protective boots. This can leave a lot of “spring cleaning” to get your feet sandal-season ready! Fortunately, there are plenty of easy ways you can take care of your toenails at home right now to make sure they’re beautiful and healthy all year.

For someone with healthy feet, basic nail care isn’t difficult. A little effort and care can help you keep your nails strong and make them beautiful and sandal-ready. Here are a few ways to make sure they always look their best—almost like “spring cleaning” for your nails:

  • Wash them regularly – Debris, dirt, grime, and bacteria can easily get trapped around your toenails. Cleaning them daily gets rid of the muck and helps you avoid infections.
  • Trim them correctly – Clip your nails straight across, so the corners and edges stay intact. Keep them roughly in line with the ends of your toes, so your nails aren’t too short or too long, either.
  • Care for your cuticles – Cuticles help protect against infection, so never clip them. Keep them moisturized and gently push them back with a moist towel.
  • Moisture matters – Nails can dry out like your skin, so moisturize your toenails after you wash them.
  • Wear the right socks – Wear socks that fit well (so they don’t contribute to ingrown nails) and wick perspiration away so they don’t foster toenail fungus.
The sooner you begin your nail care, the easier it will be to get your toes looking their best when you’re ready to show them off. Take time to inspect your nails regularly for changes, too. If you notice any discoloration or dullness, you may have an infection that will need to be addressed before it spreads. If you’re struggling with your nails at all, let us at Podiatry Associates, P.C. in Cherry Creek, Castle Pines, or Parker, CO, know right away so we can help you. Make an appointment with us simply by calling (303) 805-5156 or through our online forms. 
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