Speedy Recovery with MLS Laser Therapy

athletic injury

Starting out the new year with a painful injury? Not to worry – your resolution to get fit doesn’t have to go by the wayside! Our MLS laser can give your physical therapy a boost so you can get back to your plans faster than you might think.

MLS laser therapy uses concentrated wavelengths of light to focus on an injured area and penetrate damaged cells without hurting any surrounding tissues. These powerful, dual-action light beams block pain and reduce inflammation at the same time! The technique encourages cell repair and regrowth, stimulates circulation as well as your body’s natural healing process, and speeds up recovery. In other words, when you combine MLS laser sessions with physical therapy exercises, your road to recovery will get a whole lot shorter!

Best of all, this non-invasive procedure is safe, virtually pain-free, has no known side effects, and is fast – treatments typically last less than 10 minutes, and you can often see improvement even after just a session or two! 

So, whether you have a lingering or new injury, a painful condition, or muscle and joint discomfort, you can get healthy even quicker with our MLS laser and physical therapy together. That means you can keep that resolution of yours after all!

To find out more or to make an appointment so you can recover fast, use our convenient online contact form, or call Dr. O by dialing (303) 805-5156.

Get the help you need for a speedy recovery and a happy new year!

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