How can I speed up my recovery after surgery?

Stretching to speed up surgery recovery!Lots of factors impact your recovery after surgery, including how you clean and care for any incisions. Some simple factors include eating well and staying hydrated, participating in any physical therapy, taking your pain medication, preventing infection, and walking as soon as you’re able to. One new way to improve your healing, however, is a few sessions with the MLS pain laser.

The MLS pain laser uses multiple wavelengths of intense light to both alleviate immediate pain and stimulate healing in tissues. This includes post-surgery swelling. One of the wavelengths encourages the body to absorb fluids in the tissues, reducing swelling. It also discourages inflammation. The same beam increases circulation as well, which helps with the overall healing process. The other wavelength more directly affects your pain. It induces “analgesia,” which means it temporarily “turns off” your pain receptors. This provides prompt relief.

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