Replacing Your Child’s Outgrown Shoes

Parent Tying Child's ShoesChildren are always outgrowing things. Furniture, toys, clothes, and—of course—shoes can go from being just right to too small in a short period of time. Then everything has to be replaced to keep up with your child. For shoes, this can happen as often as every few months, particularly if your son or daughter hits a growth spurt. Shoes for children aren’t all the same, either, and what your young child needed from his or her shoes will change as he or she gets older. The key to replacing children’s footwear is to know the type of shoes your child need and how to fit them properly.

Shoes for children vary slightly at the different stages of development and growth, as you would expect. Babies and early walkers use soft booties, toddlers need flexible walkers, and older children walk best with a little more support and protection. When it’s time to replace your child’s shoes, keep in mind how developed his or her feet and walking abilities are.

Remember to pay attention to the fit of new footwear as well. Have your child’s feet measured every time you replace an old pair. That way you can be sure the new one will be long enough. Fitting children’s shoes can take some practice, so you may want a professional to assist you in measuring and checking sizes. Help your child choose pairs with room for the toes to grow. Stick to styles with wide toe boxes and rounded ends. Make sure the top of the shoe isn’t squeezing your child’s foot or toenails.

The materials that make up a shoe are important, too. Look for breathable materials, like soft leather, canvas, or mesh. Avoid plastic. Make sure the inner sole is soft and cushioned, while the outer one has traction without being too “sticky.” Heels should always be flat.

Replacing children’s footwear happens often, but fitting children’s shoes correctly each time is your chance to make sure your son or daughter’s feet are healthy and supported. Let Podiatry Associates, P.C. help you figure out the best shoes for your child. Contact our offices in Castle Pines or Parker, CO, for more information or an appointment. Just call (303) 805-5156 to reach us.

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