Can orthotics help with my child's flat feet?

Child's Flat FeetSometimes children with flat feet have no problems at all. They can run and play and never have any pain. When this is the case, flat feet in children do not need to be treated; however, if your child is experiencing discomfort, custom orthotics are a great solution! These devices fit inside your child’s shoes and secretly provide the support his or her arches need. They are made to the exact specifications of your child’s feet and customized to correct any biomechanical issues that can occur when an arch is not present.

Essentially, custom orthotics will hold your child’s foot in proper position and distribute weight more evenly to help counteract the lack of arch, thus alleviating flat foot pain. Often used to manage flat feet in adults and even teens, orthotics can absolutely help with kids’ flat feet, too!

So, if your child is having difficulties, by all means, come see us! You can schedule an appointment online or by dialing (303) 805-5156. We can design a pair of custom orthotics and get your child back to running and playing without pain before you know it!