Our Fungal Nail Laser: What’s Behind That Laser Beam?

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The science behind this high-tech approach to eradicating toenail fungus is fascinating! A concentrated beam of light penetrates the affected toenail to eliminate the fungus beneath it. 

The nail itself and its surrounding tissues are completely unharmed, but the fungus? Well, let’s just say it will no longer be thriving. 

clear toenails

The distinct wavelengths of light destroy the microorganisms that are causing your fungal infection and stop them from continuing to grow. This procedure then clears the way for a new, healthy nail to grow back. Not only is this treatment highly effective, but it’s also safe, done right onsite, has no known side effects, no down time, and is virtually pain-free! Hooray for science!

Keep in mind that you may need multiple sessions to rid yourself of the problem completely, although results are frequently seen after just one or two applications. We also prescribe medication to use in combination with the laser, so you can get rid of your toenail fungus even faster. Of course, it’s also vital that you take preventative measures so you don’t invite the fungus back once you have bid it farewell.

Always keep your feet clean and dry, treat your feet and your footwear with anti-fungal products, and never go barefoot in public places like pools and locker rooms.

If you’d like to learn more about our fungal nail laser, or want to get started with this innovative toenail fungus treatment, call Dr. O at (303) 805-5156 and get ready to say goodbye to the fungi for good.

Scientific breakthroughs like these are truly something to be excited about – and so are clear, healthy nails!

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