Minimizing Risk Of Foot, Ankle, Acl And Other Injuries While Snowboarding

At one Colorado ski resort, the ski patrol cautiously yet swiftly navigates the unfortunate injured upon bright red sleds on a path that happens to go right behind where the ski school instructors meet and greet students.


Those following the 2018 Winter Olympics probably have heard that snowboarder, Katie Ormerod, is out due to a severely fractured right heel. The 20-year-old suffered the injury during training, knocking her out of the games as she gets surgery and faces recovery and retraining.


When it comes to snowboarding, ACL injuries are most common. It’s actually most likely to happen either while scooting up to the ski lift or riding on one leg and braking with the other dismounting the lift. In both cases only the front foot is strapped into the binding and usually the boots are loosened some – or the factory, standard insole simply does not fit your particular foot.


People fall, and then either twists their knee as they go down or try to get up too fast and tear it getting back up. Take your time. Keep your unstrapped foot within 12-16 inches of the board or otherwise make sure to not overdo how far you step. This will help prevent doing an awkward split and falling.


The other common instance is immediately after a wipeout and temporarily unstrapping, scooting to the side of the run, and trying to get up to fast to do so. Again, please take your time in your steps.


For overall crash prevention, let’s face it: we need to ride within our limits and gear that fits. You need your boots and binding to fit as tightly and responsively as possible, yet not cut off circulation;


Solution: Consider custom orthotic inserts. Custom orthotics offer a perfect fit, reduced pain and added support:


  • Enhance athletic performance  – A heel insert, for example, could provide additional leverage being applied to the snowboard edges in some cases.
  • Get superior comfort with custom orthotics at Podiatry Associates, P.C.. You have 26 bones and over 100 muscles in each foot. They support your full weight, and custom orthotics support all of them.
  • Custom orthotics can correct pronation, which occurs when arches aren’t supported and the ankle falls toward the midline of the body. Instead, correct this with custom orthotics and reduce stress to not only feet, but to knees, hips and lower back, as well.
  • Correct supination, which is the opposite of pronation and has similar painful effects. Again, custom orthotics at Podiatry Associates, P.C.  can correct this and reduce pain.


If you do strain your foot, heel, ankle or knee, or would like fit for orthotics for your boots, see your orthopedic specialist at Podiatry Associates, P.C. immediately.


We offer:

  • Surgery
  • Treatment for common foot and ankle conditions
  • Pediatric podiatry
  • Toenail troubles – it’s common to pop a toenail snowboarding from riding toe-edge, particularly with a toenail infection. We can take care of all of it!
  • Ultrasound and more…. a lot more!



Essential foot care can help you before, during and at the end of the season. Consider scheduling your visit today – preventative, as well as if it was bad day on the slopes for your toes, feet, heels or ankles. We’re here to help you have as many perfect days riding powder as possible.

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