Hope for High Arch Pain: How to Help It

High arch treatmentColorado has some pretty spectacular rock formations, including natural arches. Some of these are local to the Castle Pines area, but they are still incredible structures and worth seeing. These natural formations come in all shapes and sizes—some high, some low. They all have to have the right balance of angles and support, however, or they wouldn’t stay standing for long. This is true of any type of arch, including the ones in your own feet. The shape of your foot structure has a big impact on how effectively it works. If it is raised and curved, it is more likely to be painful and unstable than neutral foot shapes. The good news is that high arch treatment can help you keep your natural foot structure supported without pain.

Not all people with this foot structure have pain. For those that do, it’s often related to the excess pressure on the ball of your foot and your heel. Successful high arch treatment involves a couple of things: dealing with any underlying neurological issues, and addressing the painful pressure on the ball of your foot. Here are a few cavus foot treatment options for you:

  • Treat the Source – If your bone structure is related to a neuromuscular issue, pain can develop at any time and the condition can slowly deteriorate. The underlying cause needs to be identified and treated to truly address the problem. Otherwise, the painful condition will just get worse.
  • Support the Midfoot – High arches aren’t stable or efficient for distributing your body weight normally, so supporting them with orthotic inserts can help a lot.
  • Get Great Shoes – Choose to wear footwear that can accommodate your feet. Stick to styles with cushioned soles and supportive arches. Keep heels low as well.
  • Modify Your Activities – If your feet hurt when you’re active, modify what you do so you can curtail your discomfort. This may mean cutting back your hard-impact activities and increasing the low-impact ones.

You don’t have to learn to live with pain from this condition, so our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. doesn’t believe you should settle for it. Let us help you find the best high arch treatment, or combination of methods, to alleviate the pain and stabilize your lower limbs. Call (303) 805-5156 to make an appointment with our Parker or Castle Pines, CO, locations. You can also use our online request form.

Photo Credit: Alexis VIA pixabay.com

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