How To Fit Children’s Shoes For Your Mini-Hulk Or Little Princess

Does your child summon superhuman mini-hulk resistance to having his foot measured? Maybe you’re like Mike, a father of two young girls.


“It’s all about pretty shoes,” he said. “Lola is getting pickier and pickier. They have to have the unicorn Vans in her size or I have to go to the next store.” Mike goes on to explain the dilemma, “Finding shoes they like that are also in stock and fit her comfortably is a tough task.”


But where is the balance between designs they like and ensuring a proper fit?


Following are a few tips to help ensure you get the proper shoe for your little superhero or unicorn enthusiast.


Yes, it’s a fact of a kid’s life that they need to have the design they like. In reality, it’s a fact that their shoes must fit properly in order to support having healthy feet.


Improperly-fitting shoes can lead to injuries, most commonly sprained ankles. Wearing shoes of the wrong fit over extended periods of time during the developmental stages of childhood can have life-long effects.


Measure their foot size for each new shoe purchase. Everyone knows how fast kids outgrow their clothes, and their feet grow just as fast.


Give the toes enough wiggle room. A proper fitting shoe for your child means s/he can move their toes freely, without so much space that their feet can shift in the shoes or that they trip over them.  They should be able to walk comfortably in them – with stability – and be able to wiggle those toes.


Speaking of stability, look for a children’s shoe with a stiffer sole. Stiff soles inhibit accidental sway of your child’s feet as they walk and run. This will improve the amount of balance stability they have in their shoes. Twist the shoe lengthwise to test sole firmness and stability.


If your child is over the age of three, you might have noticed by now that shoes of different brands fit differently from one another. It might take patience to try on several different brands, but finding the right shoe for your child is a critical job not to be taken lightly. Finding the shoes with the right fashion that will still provide your child with pain-free, natural and healthy bone development is serious business.


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