Stepping on Nails, Needles, Tacks: First Aid for Puncture Wounds

Foot puncture woundWhether it’s a Lego corner or a forgotten safety pin, you know when you’ve stepped on something sharp. The pain is pretty pointed. Still, in some cases you’re able to limp away from the sharp object without worrying it will get worse. If that sharp object pierces your foot, however, the pain is only the beginning. Puncture wounds risk infections, which is why they need immediate care. First aid for puncture wounds is an important part of treating the problem and preventing future complications.

The steps for puncture wound first aid are pretty simple. First, if you are able to do so, clean your own hands to help avoid contaminating the wound. Then remove the object that has pierced your foot. Carefully check for debris or broken pieces that might fester in your foot as well. Those will need to be removed, too—and you might need professional help to do so.

The next step is to stop the bleeding and clean the wound. Apply pressure to the spot with a clean cloth or napkin. Hold it there until the bleeding slows down and stops. Then wash out the hole in your foot with soap and water. After that you need to bandage the spot to protect it.

Depending on how deep the wound is, it will take a little while to heal. During this time, you’ll need to periodically change the bandage and check the spot for signs of infection. If you see anything suspicious, get it examined immediately so nothing can spread.

First aid for a puncture wound is fairly simple, and most of it you can do yourself. Keep in mind, however, that depending on what you stepped on, you might still need emergency care. Objects like rusty metal, dirty nails, and broken wood can leave debris in the wound that can fester and contribute to very serious infections.

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