Facing Choices for Clubfoot Treatment

People love choices. They enjoy having options for their success and the feeling of taking control when they choose one thing over another. On the other hand, choices can paralyze. Many people look at their options and feel overwhelmed, not sure which one is the best for them. With something as important as your child’s health, choosing the right treatment can fall into the second, more stressful category. This can be the case with clubfoot treatment, since getting the right care is so important for your child’s ability to walk later. However, you shouldn’t worry—knowing your options better helps you choose well.

Clubfoot treatment, like remedies for most foot problems, can be either conservative or surgical. You don’t have to jump to clubfoot surgery for your child to walk normally later on—in fact, most babies are treated successfully with only conservative methods. On the other hand, you shouldn’t let fear of surgery stop you from pursuing the best option for your child, if it’s really the best route.

Babies with Clubfeet

Here’s a quick look at the two types of treatment and the benefits for each one:

  • Conservative Cubfoot Treatment – This typically involves stretching and manipulating your infant’s feet into the correct position, then casting them there so they grow correctly. Every few days to a week, your baby will have his or her feet stretched, then re-casted to keep the right position. Once they are straight, your baby will wear special braces for a few years to maintain the correction. This takes time, but it’s highly effective and noninvasive. It’s used successfully for most children.
  • Clubfoot Surgery – This involves readjusting the tendons, ligaments, and joints to straighten out the foot. After the foot is corrected, your baby will wear a cast for several weeks. Once the casts are removed, your child will wear special braces for roughly a year to prevent the deformity from returning. This method corrects stiff feet that aren’t responding to any other treatment.

Our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. is happy to help you choose the best foot care option for your child, whether that’s conservative or surgical care. The sooner you begin taking care of your baby’s clubbed feet, the easier they will be to correct, so don’t wait to decide. Contact our offices in Castle Pines and Parker, CO, for more information or an appointment. You can reach us by calling (303) 805-5156.

Photo Credit: otteddy via pixabay.com

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