Two Sides to a Decision—Pros and Cons of Laser Treatment

Laser treatment for toenail fungusJust like the saying “there are two sides to every coin,” there are usually multiple sides to a decision. Things in life are almost never black-and-white. That’s why creating a “pros and cons” list is popular for making decisions where the choices aren’t obvious and you’re not sure what the best outcome would be. For non-emergency treatments, like whether or not to have laser therapy for fungal toenails, it’s certainly one way to choose if the method is best for your situation. There are plenty of pros for the treatment—but there are a few cons, too, and it certainly isn’t the best for everyone.

First, a quick recap of what laser treatment for fungal nails actually does for you. Fungal infections damage hard keratin, creating discolored, distorted, and ragged nails. The laser uses highly focused light to eradicate the pathogens under your toenail. It’s the most recent advancement in treating this stubborn infection.

There are other treatments, however, which is why a pros and cons list might be helpful for choosing what’s best for your feet:


  • It’s fast: All of your toes can be treated in a single, relatively short office visit.
  • It’s efficient: Even a single treatment can eliminate much of an infection. It’s also more effective at hitting the root of the problem than any topical medication.
  • It’s effective: Some studies have shown up to 85% of people saw a significant improvement with laser therapy.
  • There are no side effects: There’s almost no pain associated with the laser and it doesn’t create health risks for the liver like some medications do.
  • There are no restrictions: You can immediately go back to your activities afterwards!


  • It’s not guaranteed to work: While most people see positive results, not everyone will.
  • The infection might still come back: Nothing “cures” fungus, so you can still be re-infected.
  • You still have to wait for healing: Like any other method, your nails don’t look nicer until they grow out.
In the end, you are in charge of your own recovery. How you treat the problem is up to you, though our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. in Castle Pines, Parker, and Cherry Creek, CO will certainly be honest with you about what we think will be best for your unique needs. If you’re interested in laser therapy for fungal toenails, or you have questions, let us know! You can reach us online or by calling (303) 805-5156.
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