How can I avoid getting toenail fungus?

Fungal NailsToenail fungus is a preventable infection, so you can avoid it by taking a few simple precautions. The fungus thrives in a warm, damp, enclosed environment. By minimizing that atmosphere around your toes, you make it less likely you’ll develop a fungal infection.

Wash your feet with soap every day to eliminate old grime on your skin, then pat them completely dry. Make sure you dry around your nails and between your toes. Keep your nails trimmed appropriately, but not too short.

Wear fresh, clean socks every day. It’s best if they are made from moisture-wicking material, too. Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes daily if you can, so the perspiration trapped in the fabric can dry out between uses. Stick to styles that allow air to circulate around your feet as well. Don’t share footwear with others, particularly if they may have been exposed to the fungus.

Avoid walking barefoot in places that have a high risk for exposure, too, like pool decks and community showers. If you’re at all concerned you may have fungal nail symptoms, let Podiatry Associates, P.C. help you. Call (303) 805-5156 to reach our Parker, Castle Pines, and Cherry Creek offices.