Catch the Wave to a Faster Recovery

Multi-Wave Locked System (MLS) laser therapySure, we don’t have a nearby ocean to surf, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch a wave – or multiple ones, for that matter! We pride ourselves on providing the latest technology and advanced treatments to help you recover faster from injury or surgery, which is why we offer Multi-Wave Locked System (MLS) laser therapy. When you catch these waves, you’ll heal faster than you ordinarily would, and get back to your active life sooner than you think.

Unlike other lasers, the MLS laser uses multiple wavelengths of light, each producing different and beneficial effects. These waves of light painlessly penetrate the skin to reach the damaged tissues beneath and work together to block pain, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and stimulate the healing process. This combination of effects speeds up recovery time for a variety of conditions, from arthritis and nerve pain to sports injuries and diabetic wounds. It can also be used to help surgically repaired tissues heal quicker. Not only that, but when MLS laser therapy is combined with physical therapy, your recovery time speeds up even more!

So, come ask us about this high-tech, multi-wave technology that’s making such a huge splash in podiatric care. It’s completely safe, there are no known side effects, and you can get back to your normal activities before you know it. Why not test the waters? There’s really nothing to lose – other than the extra time you’d otherwise be taking to recover, of course!

Call if you have questions or would like to schedule MLS laser sessions by dialing (303) 805-5156.

Surf’s up!

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