5 Tips for Balance Training

Balancing through yogaPitchers need balance. When they wind up, pitch the ball, and follow through, they end up balancing on first one leg and then the other. Without good balance, a pitcher wouldn’t be able to throw as hard, or as accurately. You actually need a good sense of balance for most things in life. If you don’t have that naturally, don’t worry—this is something you can improve with balance training.

Your balance is important. It’s what allows you to stand upright and move around without falling—particularly when you’re not actively thinking about it. Most daily activities and all sports revolve around your ability to balance well subconsciously so that you can consciously focus on the game or task at hand. However, your balance can suffer for a lot of reasons, including injuries and getting older.

Balance training is a therapy to help improve your balance so you perform better in sports and are less likely to fall doing normal daily tasks. Exactly how your balance training works depends largely on what you need it for, whether that’s improving your sports, recovering from an injury, or simply avoiding falls as you get older. Certain exercises are helpful across the board. Here are a few you can try:

  • Stand on One Foot – Stand holding a chair or counter and lift one foot off the ground. Let go of your supporter and try to balance for 30 seconds.
  • Tightrope Walking – Walk across a room in a straight line. Set one foot directly in front of the other like a tightrope, so your front heel touches the toes of the foot behind it.
  • Balance Walking – Walk across the room in a straight line. Pause after each step to balance on one foot for a few seconds.
  • Unstable Balancing – Stand on one foot while standing on a pillow. Try to balance for 30 seconds.
  • One-Foot Catch – Play catch with a partner while balancing on one foot.

Many factors go into improving balancing, so you may need additional exercises for other areas of your body. You don’t have to live worried about falling or give up your sports to stay upright! Balance training is a kind of physical therapy that can help you avoid falls and allow you to enjoy your activities again. Let Castle Pines Physical Therapy help you. Call (303) 805-5156 or use the website to make an appointment with us.

Photo Credit: jesslef via Pixabay.com

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